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Our selection process

Finding the ideal candidate is our goal. Earning your trust, our priority.

First of all, let's have a coffee

We start by talking with you and getting into the values of your company.
We want to become one more member of your team.

We publish the offer

We write the job offer together with you and publish it on the portals that we consider most appropriate according to the profile to be selected.

We search our database

We have a large database segmented by sectors and territories, with qualified candidates.

We find passive candidates

Thanks to our specialized tools we find and attract those candidates who meet the requirements of the position, but who are not currently actively seeking employment.

We interview the candidates

We conduct face-to-face or online interviews with all pre-selected candidates.

We evaluate and value

We carry out specific tests for the finalist candidates, both for personality and motivations as well as technical and language tests if the vacancy requires it.

We prepare the report

The consultant responsible for the process creates a complete selection report of the best applications.

Finally, we follow up

We want to make sure that you're satisfied with our work and that the recruited candidate meets the expectations of your team.

Personality test

We have a powerful personality analysis tool that provides us with soft skills data to help you get to know the candidates better.

  • Improve the focus of your interviews

  • Strengthen your intuition about the candidate

  • Improve the quality of hire

  • Provides data to manage career performance and guidance

Radar de personalidad

Personality radar

Description of the behaviors that the candidate tends to adopt in work situations.

Motivation scale

Factors that lead or direct the person to act in a certain way.

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