Hired Candidate = Tree Planted

We contribute to global reforestation by planting a tree for each candidate incorporated

We have started a collaboration with the non-profit association Tree-Nation to launch in 2022 the campaign “Hired Candidate = Tree Planted “, an initiative that aims to create a cause-effect relationship between the improvement of employment and environmental improvement.

Every time a candidate joins a new job through ISPROX, a tree will be planted in a forest area by tree-nation.com.

In 2021, more than 650 people found a new job through ISPROX and the consultancy plans to close this year covering more than 1,000 job vacancies, according to its growth forecasts. The initiative is expected to allow the the planting of more than 1,000 trees in Spain and other areas of the planet this year.

Regarding that one hectare of plantation houses about 200 trees and that each hectare planted captures between 75 and 200 tons of CO2, we expect to contribute with a reduction of between 375 and 1000 tons of CO2 this year.

“The effects of global warming are devastating. We believe eliminating our own carbon footprint and involving our clients and candidates on it is a necessary step to contribute to environmental improvement. We can all contribute by doing our bit in terms of environmental social responsibility, if we set our minds to it”

Ivan Vázquez, CEO y Co-fundador

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